Vivian Lam


writing + care


Writing as ethical work, advocacy, and care

I’m a versatile writer and editor, with a penchant for the long-form, the narrative, the well-researched, the tongue-in-cheek, and the floridly sincere.

I’m also an aspiring healthcare provider, with a deep investment in palliative and end-of-life care, and the medical humanities.

I’m looking for opportunities in long-form, narrative journalism, with a focus on

  • end-of-life issues
  • bioethics
  • healthcare
  • social justice
  • literature, arts, and culture

My goal is be able to put grief, in its various forms, into words–to broadcast voices that are rarely heard in ways that they can be clearly understood, and invigorate others with the compassion and courage to act.

Above all, I’m eager to learn, committed to practice, and ready to contribute in any way I can.